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Welcome. I'm glad you're here. You just entered a website where you may find new  light,  new possibilities, new direction- a tool box of ideas, principles, and life tricks that you can use in your daily living. This is not a "how-to" set of instructions that will tell you how to live the life that you are seeking. It is more of reflections on my own experiences and how life itself had taught me along my own trek-  sort of a guide and techniques on how to live a life with very few hung ups and minor regrets. I'd like to share them with you. 

Whether you are a self-made millionaire who have earned all the riches and comforts in life through honest, hard work, or someone whose daily routine is first to seek where the next meal is coming from as first priority, or someone who is trying to get out of a rut, confused in a muddled, rocky and turbulent  world, or sometimes wonder "what else is there" in living?" I hope that this website can lead you to new paths and possibilities towards a happy life.   




Many principles and ideas in this website are learned from experts and authorities in the field of how the human mind works and how it dictates human behavior. My association with HIGHER AWARENESS had opened up for me a new world waiting to be explored. I invite you to visit for more  inspiring and enriching  messages. I've been associated with them  for more than twenty years, first as a subscriber, now a lifetime affiliate. I benefited from their approach to good living. It has helped me navigate life even in its darkest moments and toughest challenges. 

There are only a few requirements to make the suggested principles to work for you. It won't be enough to simply read the messages posted here. You also will have to seriously internalize them, sleep with them, etch them permanently in your heart, let them course through your blood, make them a part of you until they become habits. The effects will not be instant but once learned and applied, you'll experience a new bliss inside and out.

Happy sailing.

Rico C. Cadayona


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