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Each one of us is given a seed- the seed of life. In it are the unique human endowments that separate us from other earthly species. We have self-awareness, conscience, imagination and independent will. Our choice is to either sow that seed- nourish it, let it flourish to its fullest or we can simply neglect it, let it wither and die to become just part of the soil. The choice is ours. The kind and quality of life we are to live is a function of the choices we make.


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What needs or challenges are you experiencing in your life right now?  What is important to you that you need to address or solve? Stress reduction, healing, knowing yourself and your truth better, personal growth, family or friends relationship, capture your life story?  Through journaling and many journaling tools,  and exercises you can find many ways to explore, address, and begin to solve many of your life hang ups, baggage and obstacles to your own growth.  Journaling teaches us how to think, create, learn and intuit. It helps us break through our habitual patterns to discover our innate creative genius.  It is a powerful tool even when used casually. When used with purpose and an understanding of how it works, its power to heal and expand our capabilities grows exponentially.

What is journaling?........

Journaling is defined as "Think it and Ink it". It's a process of stimulating your mind, body and heart and then capturing the resulting thoughts on paper, disk, canvass or even wood. 

Different journaling tools and exercises encourage us to think in different ways. Once we capture these thoughts in paper we can explore different sides of our nature. We can identify beliefs that hold us back. We can glimpse our potential and then monitor ourselves realizing it. We can discover insights, creativity and wisdom we didn't know we had.  It's mostly done through writing,  (even doodling), but it can also be done through art or painting. 

What it can do for you?''

  • It will keep you at the edge of your potential.

  • It can heal your old hurts.

  • It can help you let go of your defenses to get more clarity.

  • It can enhance your creativity and love for service.

Just look at some of the benefits it brings:

  • Awareness and authenticity

  • Balance

  • Clarity, commitment and creativity

  • Decision-making ability

  • Expansion and empowerment

  • Focus, fun

  • Goals and growth

  • Healing and harmony

  • Intuition, insights, imagination and inspiration

  • Joy

  • Knowledge of self, reality, truth

  • Learning love and letting go

  • Manifestations, motivation and meaning

  • Non-judgment, clarifies needs

  • Opening optimism

  • Peace of mind, planning, purpose

  • Quality of life

  • Results release, relaxation and revelations

  • Spiritual connection and serenity

  • Truth and transformation

  • Understanding

  • Values

  • Wisdom and wholeness

  • eXplanation, eXploration and eXpansion

  • You get to know yourself better

  • Zest and ZZZZZZZZ - better sleep!

How journaling works....

     "The positive thing about writing is that you connect with yourself in the deepest way; and that's HEAVEN. You get a chance to know who you are, to know what you think. You begin to have a relationship with your mind." ( Natalie Goldberg )

When we understand how journaling works, we are better able to use it skillfully to meet our needs. Here are some insights as to why many effective individuals consider journaling to be "the best hidden secret to success.

  • Slow your mind down so you can see how you think.

        Journaling quickly captures our flightly thoughts and feelings on paper. ​

        Unless we write them down, thoughts too easily disappear. ( We think 

        about 60,000 thoughts per day. How many are you aware of?) Once we 

        can see what we're thinking, we can learn how to think. Then we can use 

        different journaling exercises to learn to think in different ways.

  • Quadruple your learning by stimulating senses.

        If we only HEAR information, within a day or two we typically recall 10% ​

        to 20% of what we heard. If we write it down, we can double our recall 

        from 20% to 40% because we can now see it.

  • Work with thoughts on paper. 

        Journaling draws information out of your heads and onto paper or disk,          or canvass. When we can visually see the information, we can do more ​

        with it.

  • Create a bigger picture

        Ever tried to burn just one log or twig? It doesn't work very well. But pile ​

        up many logs or twigs and you'll get a roaring blaze. The same principle

        applies to our thoughts.

  • Change your perspective.

        Have you ever been lost in a dense, dark forest? Literally, you can't see 

        the forest for the trees. In overwhelm, we get confused. Well, imagine 

        flying over tht forest, being able to see it in its entirety, in the context of

        its surroundings. The higher perspective brings new clarity and unders-


  • Stay objective in subjective worlds.

        In life, we tend to perceive that we are our thoughts, emotions, feelings​

        so we can experience them more objectively. It helps us stay conscious

        and more aware of our will, ethics, identity, responsibility and integrity.

  • Know yourself better.

        We get deeper sense of who we are when we can study our thoughts ​

        and feelings on paper. In our written thoughts. We can explore differ-

        ent sides of our nature.

  • Connect with our subconscious mind.

        It's not hard to change our conscious minds but changing our subcon-​

        conscious minds is a different story. And it's our subconscious that con-

        trols much of what happens in our lives. It is a vast storehouse of limit-

        ing beliefs, reactive emotions, old ineffective patterning and self-cen-

        tered programming. It is also our gateway to our intuitive and divine 

        connections. Unfortunately, though, the baggage we carry from our past

        filters and distorts our higher guidance.


Most of the materials included in this presentation are derived from GO DEEPER.... REACH HIGHER.... journaling materials of Higher Awareness with permission of HigherAwareness.com.  As a Higher Awareness lifetime affiliate, I've tried to condense the materials in such a way that this website can contain and easier to follow.  

In the succeeding updates of this website page, I will share with you:

  1. How to get started.

  2. Tips on How to GO DEEPER.. REACH HIGHER... 

  3. How the journey can be fun from awareness to consciousness.

  4. Journaling tools and exercises for every need.



1. Commit yourself to change.

2. Change the way you see things. Your old beliefs and prejudice will make you see things the way you want them to be; not the way they are.

3. Acknowledge universal laws. Some principles are fixed. They cannot be altered. (nothing comes from nothing;  sow before you reap; your eyes see what your brain sees.)

4. Develop self-awareness. If you don't know yourself, you will be like a drift wood; a ship without a rudder and you'll be subject to the whims of others.

5. Rid of stinking thinking like: "What's in it for me?' ; crab mentality; "talagang ganyan na tayo", "bahala na" or "I'll do it better next time." 

6. Get rid of personal baggage.. (forgive someone; quit comparing yourself to others; forgive yourself.)

7. Know and practice your values. 

8. Always be yourself. Do not wear a mask to hide who you really are.

9.Fix your attitude. Bad attitude produces poor results.

10. Develop being proactive and accept responsibility. It's not what happened; it's how you reacted to what happened.

                              (Learned from the late Stephen Covey)

11. Do first things first.  Things that matter most must be done first. Say NO to things that don't contribute to what you want in life. (Learned from the late Stephen Covey and Warren Buffett)


12. Develop communication skills and effective listening.

13. Always make God my co-pilot.






         My 12 original self-developed life journey guides

On May 9,2022 we will have an opportunity to bring change to our country, aspire for new hopes, renewed faith, new perspective and a prosperous, healthy, and peaceful life. Let's join in prayers that we may be enlightened in choosing our leaders and that we may have a peaceful election. May the victorious candidates be guided by the Almighty as we walk together in this very treacherous world. 


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